Develop a Reward Program for Loyal Customers/Clients to Encourage Referrals



The most responsive and least expensive form of marketing comes through referrals. Word-of-mouth marketing is free and the people who are referred to you are more likely to buy because someone has said something nice about you. Encourage people to make referrals by offering great products and services. Go beyond that by offering rewards, such as a discount when they send a referral. In fact, consider having a loyalty program (for repeat business), regardless of referrals. People like to do business with companies that appreciate them.

Referrals are one of the top ways to grow your business. You already know that.

What you may not have realized is that you can exponentially increase the number of referrals you get, dramatically increasing your client base, by doing one simple thing—learning how to ask for referrals.

Many small business people don't bother with referrals. Maybe they just assume their clients will pass along good word-of-mouth about them. Maybe they find asking for referrals uncomfortable. They hope to get referrals, of course, but they don't overtly do anything about it. So when a job is done, they just walk away leaving half their dinner on the plate.