Marketing with No Funds 101!


Marketing Using what you Have

  • Reach Out to Your Network

    It’s always a surprise to me how many new business owners don’t tell their friends and family about their endeavor. While they may not need the product or service you provide, they may be able to refer people who do. Send an email, make a phone call and/or share the news on social media.  Tell them about the value you have to offer and how you can help them or others.

  • Develop Consistent Social Media Profiles

    You don’t  have to be on every social network. Instead, focus on the ones your market uses. Before marketing and making connections, complete your profiles (including pictures and bio) and use the same photos and logos across your platforms. This lets people know they’re at the right place.

  • Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

    There is so much that can go wrong in social media. You can waste time for no results. You can accidentally say something that upsets people. You can annoy your followers with too many “buy” messages. A plan is the best way to manage social media. Your plan should include ways to engage your market (i.e. asking for feedback or sharing ideas) and time spent responding to your market and other connections (comments, retweets, shares etc).