Create an Email List including Freebie


Your Email List…

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Too many newbie home business owners put off starting an email list until later. That’s a big mistake. Of all the marketing tasks that can boost sales, the email list is the most important. So set it up from the start.

The first step in setting up an email list is deciding your free offer; what to give away in exchange for people giving you their name and email. The easiest offer is a report. Simply type up a how-to or report that gives something of value, convert it to PDF, and upload it to your server. Other options include video tutorials and consults.

Once your free offer is ready, you’ll want to sign up for a list service to manage delivery of the offer as well as the ability to send other email. List services also take care of CAN-SPAM issues and unsubscribe requests. MailChimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers, making it a popular choice. Other email list service options include Aweber and Constant Contact.

Signing up is easy and once you do, you can create a list that includes welcome email, the link to your freebie and more. Add the sign-up form your website and then take good care of all the people who join your list.

You’ve made it to the end of week two. You have your business foundation in place. In week three, you’ll begin marketing your business.

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