Boundaries & Accountability

By: T-Kea Blackman

Mental Health Advocate & Founder of

Fireflies Unite, LLC | Bringing Light Into Darkness

As an entrepreneur and suicide survivor, I have become self-aware through my recovery, as burnout can be a trigger for my depression.

This is why it is important for me to check in with myself to see how people, places and things make me feel.

A clear mind and spirit helps with not only being creative but also increases productivity and ability to focus. I've noticed that when my mind is not clear, I am unable to put my best foot forward and become easily distracted.


Boundaries are key to ensure that I am mentally, emotionally and physically healthy and have healthy business and personal relationships.

This includes saying no when my plate is full and keeping my values at the top of my mind. For example, my phone goes on “do not disturb” from 9pm-8am so that I can have adequate rest and get up early in the morning to workout


This also includes scheduling time on my calendar to spend time with family/friends and taking time to unplug and rest.


I've overcome being in the darkest place of my life which motivates me when I'm presented with challenges. I remember positive experiences that bring me joy. I challenge my negative thoughts by telling myself thoughts that prove the negative thoughts are wrong. I also practice gratitude and focus on my spirituality by growing my relationship with God which has helped me to remain positive.

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