Marketing with Integrity

By: Michael J. Snell

Marketing Director

Americas Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, New Jersey

A significant portion of today’s media that is put out there uses manipulation through either digital, copy edits or the run-of-the-mill sales pitch. This can stem from a multitude of sources ranging from businesses influenced by other businesses, the direct copy approach, or an entrepreneur guiding a team in the wrong direction and most commonly – not understanding your product’s/service’s intention or your audience’s needs and using everything you can think of to make them want what you are putting out there. Guiding your business directly from company to consumer is the key.

You want to create a truthful brand with its own personality, and use the energy and intention of what you bring to drive consumers back to you. Today, people are smart and educated, things are changing and today’s consumers are craving the authenticity factor – so build up your story and position it as a lifestyle rather than a cold and impressionable product. This stems from you identifying your ideal client so you can understand them enough to provide that service-forward approach into your unique brand space. Always be clear about what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Many consumers are extremely observant when it comes to business who market aggressively
Most customers feel like they have something to hide or are offering products/services that are cheap or useless. The approach I take within my company is selectively targeting your audience’s attention, for it’s a valuable asset that could either result in a sale/s or a total disengagement. Once you position your brand accordingly with the consumers you feel could use or want your product/service, then you maximize the visibility through an elevated activation – this could be a magazine ad in a specific niche, extremely well-produced commercial or radio spot to even in-person client activation.

By investing a few more dollars and time into 3-5 marketing activities rather than spreading it over 20, your result would be exponential due to the brand impact you will have to create that drive and interest rather than over-saturating with information that today’s consumers have been accustomed to tuning out. The mystery of a brand is a good thing.

Simple marketing tools that are organic to the business owner and consumer
I discovered that whether you are a small business or a multi-national corporation, the starting point to drive marketing (and generally at a low cost) is on Social Media.


This platform allows you to truly showcase your brand and you will be responsible for what goes out into the publics’ eye. Here you have the ability to create and drive impressions on an extremely personal level, giving you the advantage to touch the buying or inquisitive minds of those who are on that platform, searching specifically for that topic. In addition to social media, you have the ability to utilize the integrity of your branded website that gets tied back to those platforms providing backing for what you and your business stand for. All of this will continue to organically grow your business while boosting your visibility on search engines and product/service highlight pages until you get to the visibility level that you desire.

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