Be A Purpose-Driven Company

Purposeful “Hustle”

I define “Purpose” as what we are uniquely positioned to do. Purpose-driven entrepreneurs should ask themselves: what are you—given your passions, experiences, and skills—able to do to make this world better?


Everyone has a purpose; however, the question is whether you are aware of it and hustling to bring it to fruition. If you are clear on what and how you want to make the world a better place, then your opportunities to do so are endless. Your purpose can show up on how you treat your employees, where you source from, how you make decisions, where you are located, how you market, who you partner with and how you use your platform.

My book and keynote address, offers practical and accessible steps on how to live within your purpose. One that I would focus on in this article is: be clear on what your purpose is. Write it down and share it with other people. Incorporate it into your culture. Don’t just say it, but help people to use it to make decisions within the company. When members in my team ask, “Well, what decision is most aligned with our purpose?” is when I realize I have been successful at infusing an organization with purpose.

Deanna Singh Author & Chief Change Agent

Flying Elephant

So, what is a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur...

To be a purpose-driven entrepreneur is to be an entrepreneur that understands their WHY. An entrepreneur that understands their Why will be resilient and focused even through challenging times. The answer to their “Why” acts as a compass and drives the decisions, and in extension, the direction of their life and company.

When many think of a purpose-driven entrepreneur they think of a social entrepreneur such as a company on a mission to impact a social or environmental cause like poverty eradication or provision of clean water. However, this is a misconception because there are social entrepreneurs with no purpose. Shocking? But yes, that’s true. Purpose is the song in our heart that drives us even after the instruments have been put away. Each of us was born with a different song in our heart that only we can sing. As an entrepreneur, your company will answer the question “Why” in a unique way that cannot be duplicated.

Your company’s purpose can be as simple as making people smile every day or it can be as complex as revolutionizing the way people think about space.

The common theme is that it is uniquely yours.

Google is an example of a purpose-driven company. Their purpose is documented in their mission and manifested in our everyday lives. “Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Their purpose led them to where they are today and inherently to where we are today.

  • Identify your Purpose. It’s okay if you’re unsure but now is the time to put intentional thought and give yourself the space to explore in order to identify it.

  • Recognize distractions as distractions. There will always be distractions posing as great opportunities.

  • Before you make a decision, ask yourself what decision will align with your Why.

  • Write down your Why and review it daily.

  • Surround yourself with constant reminders of your Why.

Krystal Nelson

Founder, i impakt, LLC


Benefits for your Company & Customers

Every business has the opportunity to serve their customers and leave a positive impact on the world, whether they're building orphanages or designing t-shirts. A t-shirt design business that creates designs that question the traditional norms or incite a movement uniting groups of people can absolutely be purpose-driven because their purpose is at the root of what they do and why they do it. It's not just about the money. It's about the impact they're having and the value they're adding to their customers' lives.

It's not enough to just create a company with a strong purpose. A true purpose-driven entrepreneur must live and breathe that purpose every day.

Every action taken by the company should go back to the overall purpose and the core values, and the team should continually assess everything they do against the benchmark of that purpose.

Over time, that purpose may evolve or take on different forms, but it's crucial to continually gain clarity on the purpose. To remain purpose-driven, the business must continually keep a pulse on their purpose, thread messages of their purpose into all communications, and revisit their purpose often to make sure that it still rings true for the business.

Annie Dickerson

Goodegg Investments

“Helping women, particularly moms, to build passive income so they can work less and spend more time with their families”

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