Utilizing Summer Connections


Contributor: Beth Bridges The Networking Motivator

Beth Bridges Author of “Networking on Purpose,” Keynote Speaker “Love, Loss, and Networking” and Business Networking Coach


Summer vacation travel, destination conferences or long creative/working breaks can all bring us together with amazing people we've never met. When we're in the moment, it seems as if these new connections are momentous. They're huge! This could be a business relationship that could make everything come together.

And then... we return to the real world and that intensity and immediacy fades against the daily grind of getting work done. You hear from a few of them, but most of the people you met go back to their lives, too. Instead of thinking that you've failed or being disappointed in those people, here's how to make it work.

  1. First, realize that most of them don't have a clear networking plan or strategy for staying connected, so the responsibility is on you.

  2. Second, be okay with knowing that they may not have had the same feeling or that they just aren't willing or able to keep the connection going.

  3. Third, have a concrete action or activity that you can do together - brainstorming sessions, idea-sharing or collaborating on a project but don't just let it be let's stay in touch!

  4. Fourth, calendar your time with them in advance especially if you're not local to each other. Make it a video conference or phone call, not just a random email once in a while.

Finally, focus on just one or two people who have similar goals or complementary target markets. Be aware of where they are in their business in relation to you. Those who are far, far ahead or behind you in their business size or ambition may have a hard time relating to you. For your business growth, choose those who are a little further down the road and learn from them. For personal growth, choose those who are a little behind you and help them build. For business growth, choose those who are ahead of you that you can assist while they also advise you.