Lost & Found Boutique: Co-Founders D'Laun Montgomery and Jamarcus Terrell

Co-Founders D'Laun Montgomery and Jamarcus Terrell were having a normal conversation about fashion.  Jamarcus brought up the idea of starting a clothing store to monetize our passion.  We thought that it would make more sense to make money from the fashion industry rather than go broke from the fashion industry.  So not wanting to just dive into anything without doing the proper research we spent the next 12 months doing our homework and studying the fashion industry. 

Midway through 2015 Jamarcus introduced the idea of adding a 3rd partner named Jermell Burton.  He explained that while D'Laun has his own way of dressing, and he himself has his own way of dressing he thought that it would be beneficial in the long run if we had someone with a more urban taste, and so Jermell was included from that point on.

Opening November 15th, 2015 our initial vision is to give people a more diverse and unique selection to choose from.  We see that there is a drought in originality, with everyone dressing like manikins.  We don't sell what is trendy, we only sell things that we personally like.  We can't convince someone to buy something that we would never buy ourselves.  We want to do all of this while making sure that our prices match our quality.

Lost & Found Boutique Chicago, IL

Our advice for future entrepreneurs is to stay consistent.  We sum this up simple: Work smarter, and work harder everyone else.  We value quality over quantity.  We try our very best to stay consistent with every single order, no matter how big or small it is.  We also do a relentless amount of research of similar companies and people who are in similar fields because no one alive knows everything.  There is always room for more improvement.   In our industry their is a lot of competition and so we keep that in mind, and we try to stand out way more than any other companies that offer similar products.  Every detail counts.  Its really simple: Why would someone shop with us over the thousands of other stores that are similar to ours. 


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