ALMVGHTY Steetwear: Founder Dondre Smith

ALMVGHTY Steetwear Founder Dondre Smith

ALMVGHTY Steetwear Founder Dondre Smith

Ever since I was in high school I always wanted to have my own clothing line. I have been very interested in fashion since I was a shorty rocking Girbaud straps and crisp Air Force Ones or bathing apes. Or wearing the newest Jordans and Sean John, lbs. Every one could sense my unique and creative fashion style and I was always ahead of the trend. I was also a big sneaker head in my high school days. It wasn’t until December 2013 when I finally began to organize all my thoughts and ideas into one concept. I had friends that talked about wanting to start a clothing line as well, but none of them were really about it. So I took matters in my own hands. I was interested in Greek mythology so I initially was going to call the brand “Almighty gods.” I figured that name was too much and changed it to “ALMVGHTY” and the V stood for versatility. Versatility and Influence are two major themes that are embedded in this brand. The term “almighty” is defined as having complete power or influence; omnipotence or preeminence.

ALMVGHTY Steetwear: Fonder Dondre Smith

I believe anyone who has the ability to influence one’s mind, thoughts, or action is a powerful being. ALMVGHTY is a street wear/lifestyle brand that focuses on manufacturing high quality apparel. We make a variety of garments for men and women, which are cut & sewn from a very intricate and unique design. We encourage our customers to carry a sense of clout when they are wearing our clothes; and we always promote rare/trendy styles, as well as comfort. ALMVGHTY is a versatile company that also dabbers in high-end fashion, as well as intentions on footwear and accessories in the future. This is a very young brand, established in July 2014, with an immense amount of potential. I successfully dropped my first Fall Collection last November, and made a short film with the release. I attend on dropping a video with every collection. I am currently planning a F/W 16 Collection (DIETY II), which will drop mid November. Expect to see new releases starting late September/ early October though!

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Believe in your ideas and never give up on them. People eventually recognize talent over time; you just need to be dedicated to improving your craft. It’s inevitable to progress with time, so just stay motivated. And make sure to establish a team! I’ve been doing this by myself all the way up until this last month of July.  You need a team to be successful in whatever you do in life. So choose your teammates wisely, and make sure you trust them. I already feel the positive energy and vibes among my team. Big things are coming so stay tuned!

Dondre Smith

Chicago, IL



ALMVGHTY Steetwear: Chicago, IL