Art Creatives: Rudeboy Ink

Rudeboy Ink


Rudeboy Ink and Son     Credit: Distinct Eye Photography

Rudeboy Ink and Son Credit: Distinct Eye Photography

Christopher Williams also known to many as Rudeboy, is a man of many talents. He has centered his life around art in all forms.  From having his own tattoo shop that was unfortunately burned down Rudeboy did not give up on his focus. He has been tattooing for over 7 years, however he saw the transition as a chance for him to learn art in other aspects.

Since then he is now also a graphic designer for many black owned businesses as well as a canvas artist. Filled with ambition Rudeboy focuses as well on his most grateful task as a father. Taking his son to art shows and allowing him to see his father as an entrepreneur.  Their father son dynamic was even more beautiful to see in person! Christopher is now on his way to rebuilding a new shop that can be of use for all of his diverse skills. Support him on his journey as he rebuilds!


Social Media (portfolio examples):

Instagram: @RudeboyInk_Theartist

Facebook: Inky1617