The Business Plan 101: A Version for Every type of Thinker!


The Business Plan

So you have your business name, your vision, mission and goals. Now the part you have either been waiting for or waiting on… ”The Business Plan”. Depending on what you have heard or seen about it, your perspective may vary. However this is the portion that many delay on, but experience delayed business success.

Business plans vary in form. From a guide to help you start, seeking finance from investors or your road map for the next 1-5 years. It is also suggested to create a new plan when adding on products or services to your existing brand.

Below you will find a few examples from tried and true resources. YES we have tried each version. Each helpful from the start, manage and grow stage.

  • The Road Map Business Plan: You start where you are, determine where you want to go, and then fill in the tasks that need to be done to get there.

  • The Lean Business Plan: Great for when you are adding on new products or services

  • The Ultimate Business Plan: This plan is designed for not only you but also for investors, loan officers, etc who will need to see clearly defined projections. Do not be overwhelmed as this packet forces you to think more than you write.

If you find yourself wanting to skip past this portion, that is understandable. Those who are action-orientated will fill the push to “Do more than plan”. Those who are analytically-oriented will feel the pull to “Plan without action”. Of course there are those of us who are both, and this can be a push/pull battle to finish. No matter your personality, wanting a business that completes its purpose is universal. Remember that when you feel like quitting before you finish. Review each plan to see the one that works for you.