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Urban Freedom Magazine is an Independent Media Company geared towards entrepreneurs, creatives and startups to provide inspiration, information, and motivation in the advancement of personal growth as well as community economic advancement. We are on a mission to provide proven wisdom to unconventional creatives, entrepreneurs and goal smashers seeking practical business knowledge. Interviewing industry leaders to provide experiential insight into all areas of business.

Since we started operating in 2016, we have been connecting industry leaders and businesses with a uniquely vast audience characterized by diversity to foster knowledge sharing and productive collaborations in a dynamic mix of business & artistry. Through captivating print and interactive digital publications that allow you to read, listen, watch, swipe and interrelate, we put businesses in front of potential customers and have become the bridge between businesses and culture. We are now inviting you to join us, together, we can accomplish more…

Urban Freedom Magazine is also the recipient of the Community Cares of Baltimore Leadership Award in 2017 and the Speak Life Award in 2018.


2016 had the highest surge of minority and new business owners in years. Founder Mercedez McIntyre heavily involved in activism, the arts and supporter of small business owners heard the needs of her peers. Many feeling the pressure of sacrificing their passions or sacrificing stability for their passion. On the outskirts were those in leadership positions to assistance not being given a permanent place to share the wisdom they also have acquired. In some cases, there is no need to build the wheel again. As well as understanding this is the age of conventional "disruption".

With her own background born in Brooklyn, NY, raised also in Pittsburgh and relocating to Baltimore to attend Morgan State; she had realized the amount of great wisdom given to her along the way. Professors, business leaders, policymakers were a blessing to help others. An unconventional journey of lessons, blessings, and the desire to serve beyond philanthropy. A safe haven for those ready to ask for help and those with the knowledge to share it.  That lead to the purpose of Urban Freedom Magazine. Meeting so many creative people, each with their own unique way of becoming successful in their own right. Many with a start to their journey that required them to beat the odds.

Urban Freedom Magazine was born as an umbrella to share business wisdom, direction, and practical advice to provide direction to those seeking tangible results.


2019 has been a time of Transformation all around us. From politics, technology, business, social impact and even the way we see the world around us.

In the atmosphere around us, there seems to be a consistent tug to take what presently is and adjust humbly to the direction of tangible change. Sometimes we see the need for change as an overwhelming or yearn for it with negative hesitation. Instead, we can see it as the image of a pyramid. What we initially learn is our base or foundation. As we grow, explore, learn and evolve the bricks are laid as we reach our peak as a beacon of light for ourselves and others.

This issue packed with not only business wisdom, application, and knowledge but each article written by an expert in their field vulnerably sharing their story and lessons learned that you, your team and business can apply immediately. Questions to ask yourself and business. Provoking ways to reassess your mission, purpose, business, and self. Features who transformed their lives and business by learning to ride the waves that life can bring while balancing a successful business.


-Cody Lopez Founder of Community Cares Project

“Urban Freedom is a great magazine that our community needs to learn business and connect with others through the pages and in person. My team & I were elated at the number of creators and businesses we met at the “Creatives Brunch”. An atmosphere of unity.

It was my pleasure to present Founder Mercedez McIntyre & her team the CCP Baltimore Award”


-Rebel Radio

“A new of business and creatives. Urban Freedom is breaking barriers between purpose, business, and profit. The city hasn’t seen anything like it”


Stephanie Hannah Founder of The 5ive Spot

“A real magazine about real people handling real life and business. We loved collaborating for their Brunch Release and hope to work together again.”

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