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Are you working on a budget and still want to indulge in retail therapy? Fear no more! This month’s fashion style guides feature pieces all under $100 or less! Can you say BARGAIN?! I can honestly say I am a huge bargain shopper and to be quite honest, I don’t have a budget where I can spend $100 on a garment. I am sure there are many who can relate. Life throws financial curveballs on a regular basis. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good while still figuring out life. When life throws you lemons, we make lemonade!


Eccentric Styles Fall Women’s Fashion

Eccentric Styles Fall Women’s Fashion

Our women’s style guide consists of pieces that are under $50 or less and be found at a few local retailers. A few retailers featured in this month’s style guide is Eccentric Styles, Madden Girl by Steve Madden, and ASOS. Don’t worry Boys, we kept you in mind as well with our “Ballin on a Budget” style guide.  

Eccentric Styles Fall Men’s Fashion

Eccentric Styles Fall Men’s Fashion

When styling for men, I realized a great deal of men’s clothing is priced much higher than women’s clothing. So this month, we wanted to keep the price points for these pieces featured in our Men’s style guide under $100. Some retailers featured in our Men’s style guide is ASOS and Macy’s, which both carry stylish fashion for Men, on a budget!


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