YoungATM™ Clothing

YoungATM™ Clothing New York, NY

YoungATM™ Clothing New York, NY

Living in a fragmented society, two cousins noticed the struggle that their family and others around them encountered to progress in life. We grew up in a small city with high crime rates, low-income, and little to no positive role models to look up to. We and all of our closest friends suffered from the same ailment: We felt trapped in a toxic environment that no good could come from. We each longed for an opportunity to find a way out. This longing taught us how to be hungry, how to be a hustler, and how to grind relentlessly for the one thing hindering us from creating our own opportunities –money. Our city, our experiences, and hip-hop inspired us to create a brand that could be the voice of every young individual around the world with dreams to make it out of their situation. Our brand is known as YoungATM™ (YoungAfterTheMoney). 

YoungATM™ Clothing   New York, NY

YoungATM™ is a lifestyle fashion label that represents the have-nots in pursuit of expensive dreams. The brand has been rapidly moving to introduce the fashion industry to a cohort of money-hungry youth grinding to get it out the mud.  Our vision is to create stylish, fashion-forward products that embody the lifestyle of YoungATM.  We want the brand to develop into one that is held sacred by its supporters. Only an elite group of high-fliers can call themselves ‘YoungAfterTheMoney’.


        Seen worn by PartyNextDoor, DJ HoodRichKeem,  and Strado

Featured in the Spring ’16 publication of ‘Urban Atlas’

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YoungATM™ Clothing New York, NY