More than Your Average Modeling Agency Lead by More than Your Average Woman!

By: Mercedez McIntyre


Ashley Graham still in her early 30's has forged through to change the face of modeling creating MMW which stands for Models Most Wanted. She has granted us an honest peek into her life as a woman and entrepreneur. MMW was created by Ashley to have other aspiring models come together to produce fashion with modeling beyond the perceived expectations. Her mission is to make it clear that there are many opportunities in the fashion model world for all sizes and races. To make sure each woman is offered opportunity based on their professional delivery over shallow size guidelines. With a dream, hope and her own experience, MMW has been an active agency going on 5 years.

Ashley who has been modeling herself since she was a teen has worked with some of the top fashion directors and designers, including being in over 100 fashion shows! What better way to set the bar as a leader than to have personally critiqued experience. This is what sets MMW apart from most startup agencies.

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With impeccable experience, we had to dig further to find out what aspects Ashley still strives to work on as an entrepreneur. Balancing time is a huge factor for all entrepreneurs; however, a few of us have the element that is a balance in progress including Ashley; which is how do you also balance working a 9 to 5. Ashley not only works a full-time but is also a hairstylist as well! Her ability to balance it all truly shows her passion. Not to mention balancing a team of ladies in her modeling agency! We know that cannot be easy!  Having a partner who is also an entrepreneur as well as her many family and friends has made the transition more of an ease which is a blessing that most of us are trying to find. Relationships seem to be the toughest battles for most entrepreneurs who hope to one day have both love and success simultaneously.

Ladies of MMW Modeling Agency

In Ashley's case, she has been blessed with a partner who happens to be a fashion designer! Talk about fate! To watch them work together is poetry in motion. Not only do they support each other but you can see from being around them they are truly friends as well.  It would seem as though being an entrepreneur was always her path but that is far from true. Ashley's personal passion gripped her at a time in life where she knew it was time to plant her own seeds instead of just cultivating the land for others.

Blessed with an absolutely beautiful spirit it is no wonder how year after year Ashley has pulled off some of the most amazing Fashion, shows most have ever seen by collaborating with other entrepreneurs. We have personally attended 4 of her shows leaving in awe every single time! In the next year, Ashley plans to branch out to other cities adding to the diversity of MMW. We are looking forward to seeing her growth continue. Feel free to also check out the MMW YouTube channel to check out their rehearsals and updates.

We couldn't end things without asking our main question. What advice would you give to future entrepreneurs?

"My advice is to be sure to never give up on your dream give it 100% percent. Never compromise your goals to make anyone else happy.  Do what is best for you, there is no wrong in your PLAN just do it!" – Ashley Graham


If you would like more information or be a part of MMW:

Facebook: MMW Models

Instagram:  @ladiesofmmw  


MMW Fashion Show