The Merge: "Walking my Path" Web Series Creators Larry Harris & Michael Wiggins

Larry Harris & Michael Wiggins  “Walking My Path” Series

Larry Harris & Michael Wiggins “Walking My Path” Series

Walking My Path web series founders, Mike and Larry share their voice in an interview revealing how this merger began. They both met each other at a point where they needed each other; Larry was writing a book and Mike was already an author and that meeting sprung up the Web-series-walking my path. Their drive was to show and expose that African American gay men are living and along the line, they both found out they were walking the path and it popped up. Mike and Larry, who were raised by their respective grandmothers who fought for them to have the best outcome in life no matter their start. With this foundation, they both revealed that their only anxiety with the series is exposing themselves completely as this series is not scripted. On the same note, they are both excited for the amount of liberation that will ensue by being openly candid for the advancement of sincere success.

Larry Harris

Larry Harris

A quick peep on business budgeting revealed that Mike is a free spirit spender while Larry is more of a financial adviser thereby creating a balance. Since Mike knows what is needed and Larry makes sure it is around the budget the two are not opposites but a balance. Their lifestyle is seen to be a real show of what it is with no aorta of pretense as they both aim for their success and not for fame. Their idea of no boss when working collectively greatly depicts the relevance of great communication between both parties. Both young men stated when choosing your entrepreneur partner its vital to choose someone who has similar visions of drive and creativity. Both being ambitious they flow well. They use their ideas to create instead of dispute! It is draining to be with people that don't know how to build your dream but instead pull down. There is NO BOSS when working collectively. That is where ego comes into play. There dynamic harmony was clearly seen as I conducted their interview. With such a great flow we ended up talking long over our scheduled time enjoyably.

Michael Riggins

Michael Riggins

As this is our Black Love incorporated issue we had to delve deeper. Mike with a bursting personality has elegantly explained he is open and ready for love although single. With great focus he puts a huge emphasis on timing and being whole within himself.  Larry also giving a beautiful perspective of his own, shared he Larry is married, with a supportive husband having known each other 10 years before they tied the knot together. Larry shared that the key to his marriage is that him his husband set the ground for a strong foundation that gives them both the support they need with each other. Along with maintaining the importance of still dating long after the wedding bells ring.


With the arrival of 2017 Mike his current book “Reflections of Me” his first memoir on Amazon. Larry has just finished a book called “The Mask” where he touched subjects he never wanted anyone to know. (Find More Information in our Support Black Owned Media section)

Mike and Larry enjoin other entrepreneurs to work with people who have similar visions and creativity seeing it as their own strength.


Mike: “Walk Your Own Path! Put in the work no matter how hard it gets. If you can't do it on your own, find a friend with a similar vision. What is the point of just talking about it. 

 Larry: “A lot of people look for validation in other people which stops them from their dreams. YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF otherwise who else can. Your dream can’t be built on if people like you or your work otherwise you have nothing. You have to be ready for a hundred no's and know all it takes is that one yes. Help is great but never being dependent upon anyone making your dream come true. When you get that one yes build on it!! Do it for your passion not instant gratification!” 




Contact Info: Walking my Path 2017 on youtube.

@MikeGWiggins Twitter and Instagram.

Larry: IG: @ariesforlife twitter