Are Black Opposite-Sex Relationships Failing? Entrepreneurs & Love

By: Melanin Reigns

A recurring statement in the black community is "black men do not see black women as human". However, is this a valid truth or misconstrued conditioning? Out of 45 DMV women polled via social media, 83% percent complained opposite-sex friendships are failing. There seems to be a lack of value for the other aspects of women in general, but black women say they are plagued by this disconnect more. My question to black men is this, do you ever see a black woman as your sister/daughter/mother first before lusting for her sexual organs? Or have we all fallen victim to society's conditioning to use people and love things? 95% of relationships would be more successful if they began as friendships.

Foundations built on friendships allows communication to flow more efficiently and enables you to learn what a person is reflecting to you. This is not a one-sided argument, black men have complained that women do not set the standard but host ample expectations.

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Out of 45 DMV men polled via social media, 87% reported feeling misused for financial and beneficiary purposes when building friendships with women. Chioma Unde of Hampton University explains "Even when you approach a woman with good intentions and deal with her friend zoning you, she begins to overstep boundaries and expect you to do the things her main man should be doing for her." He ends his statement by saying "women do not have good choosing skills, this is why the man must lead, he is the chooser and she can only be chosen. Gender roles still hold importance in my eyes."

Although misogyny is the stamp most women will put on Chioma's statement, look at it from a bird's eye view, that is the reality of many of our brothers. My question to black women is, are we reflecting the very lack of value and greed that our men now place upon our bodies? If so, what are we (black women & men) doing to fix our relationships in our everyday lives?

Most of our challenges with the opposite sex spawns from childhood scars in which either the masculine or feminine vessel(mother/father) in our lives sets the tone for. Trace the root of your issues, it is a shared responsibility when things do not go as planned. Embrace the journey, experience one another freely.
Take your time with friendships, situationships, relationships etc. there's no need to make a permanent enemy out of a temporary situation. We are all healing, so be mindful of that. Peace, power, and prosperity.

Remy Ma & Papoose: Love & Entrepreneurship

Remy Ma & Papoose: Love & Entrepreneurship