Gentlemen's Fashion Guide: "Business Ready" Fueled by: The Michael Foster Experience

Gentlemen’s Fashion Guide with GQ insider Michael Foster


I always tell people, fashion is the clothes you wear; style is how you wear it.  For me style comes in the details or accessories you choose to enhance your wardrobe.  For me personally, the autumn and winter seasons give me the most opportunities to show my style.  This is because in these months I can pull out different accessories that don't fit spring or summer. Accessory number one, the scarf.  For me the scarf can take a casual outfit to "Casually Fly" as I like to call it.  This is something I picked up on my first travels to Montreal and Paris, where it's in vogue to wear a scarf year round.  How you choose to wear your scarf reveals your personality or simply how you were feeling at the time. 

The Michael Foster Experience - Urban Freedom Magazine Winter 2017

I'm a firm believer that the first thing women (or men) look at when trying to figure out a male's status is his watch and his shoes.  Invest in a nice watch, and it will stand the test of time.  One of my favorite watches is a DKNY watch that I bought used at a pawn shop for $30 fifteen years ago and I've only had to replace the strap once.  From there you can add a bracelet and/or ring that match your watch.  Your watch, shoes, and belt should all match.  Don't get caught wearing a brown belt with black shoes, or vice versa.  


Foster Pocket Square.JPG

The pocket square is a nice little piece of cloth that I use to accent my blazer and shirt of choice. 

When figuring out what I'll be wearing, I start with the blazer.  That's where I start because for my personal style I realize I'm a blazer man.  With that being the case, I've found out how to maximize my blazer fetish.  Every now and then I'll go to Goodwill and look at the blazers they have available.  From time to time I'll come across a blazer that's great quality and fits my personal style.  From there I take it to get tailored specifically for me and voila, for $30 ($5 for blazer and $25 for tailor) I have a brand new addition to the wardrobe.  

When choosing the proper accessories for your wardrobe remember that these are the items that will truly show your style and who you are as a person. 


“The Michael Foster Experience”

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