Winter 2017: Premiere Seasons we Loved with Writers we can Admire

Queen Sugar:*

Starting with a backdrop of the turbulent lives between 3 African-American siblings. Queen Sugar has taken us all captive by the heart, mind & soul. Giving perspectives of family unity no matter our differences and history.  Shedding light on major issues that reign in our community...unjustified incarceration. relationships, career, family separation and the one we can all relate to most....Consistent crossroads in life. Showcasing on the Oprah Winfrey Network OWN. Queen Sugar was produced by Ava Duvernay. Duvernay  known for also directing “Selma” ; showcased and collaborated with a new female director every episode who also enlisted all star female directors to work by her side each episode. Amazing dynamics have created a television show that caters to every personality. Especially those of us with layers seen and unseen. OWN has delivered television for us, by us, that we can be proud of! 

Queen Sugar on OWN.png

Catch up on Season 1 as we await the arrival of Season 2 which will bring 16 all new episodes.



Congratulations are in order Golden Globe nominee  “Insecure” starring Issa Rae. Insecure has broken barriers in the depiction of African American women painting our realities of learning ourselves, relationships, friendships and mostly..the woman in the mirror .  Insecure follows the lives of two best friends Issa & Molly. Two best friends leading completely different lives. Issa who has become unapologetically awkward in her own skin represents a new side of Black women we love but rarely get to see. We fall in love with the character more and more simply because she is what most find it hard to be..themselves. To see a Black Woman unafraid to be her true self is a new form of tv other cultures are finally able to learn from. We have missed tv like Girlfriends, Eve, Fresh Prince that brought us reality that represent us proudly.  Issa who wears her hair in an array of beautiful natural styles working in the urban youth community she comes from in    California she comes from. Finding her life with her live in boyfriend & at one time enthusiastic job begins to find all of her life mundane. Searching for a thrill and writing checks her reality isn't ready to pay for.  Molly the prestigious attorney with a good heart and promiscuous life searches for love in so many places the timing even if the man was right, is wrong. Molly drunken on the idea of perfect love finds herself in more beds than hearts refusing to accept the one piece of advice every woman needs to learn..Self-Love without romantic attachment. Season 2 has been confirmed by HBO! Not only is it rare for a season 1 to have a new contract before the previous has ended but even more rare that it is nominated for such a prestigious award! This is what our support looks like…it's undeniable!

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Also catch up on Season 1  of this HBO hit !