Speak Your Mind: Kevin Icon Ben

By: Roosevelt Andlove 

Kevin Icon Ben

Kevin Icon Ben


With a humble understanding that God is the Alpha & Omega. He has named himself as an indication of his talent.

Although, artist Kevin Ben, aka, Icon Tha God, is very tangible, physically anyway. Hailing from the West Baltimore neighbor of Lexington Terrace, Icon has carved a niche out in the Baltimore rap scene, being declared as one, if not the best, emcee’s around.

Surprisingly, Icon attributes his love to rap by one of Wu-Tang’s members Method Man. He had, “…not a lot of emotion, but still this raw person…,” Icon states. Hoping to carry the unavoidable bravado that Method Man achieved, Icon still looks to him as a mentor of sorts.

Traveling around the art scene in Baltimore you can see how popularity doesn’t mean skill, and as Icon proclaims, “…being a Baltimore artist, you’re overshadowed by the trap rappers, the gangster rappers, the party hip hoppers…. So for me to be different in a town where there’s so many clones and I don’t have the recognition that these guys have, I have to step outside the box…”

Kevin Icon Ben

More than a rapper, Icon has founded a graphic design and production group within the conglomerate Mass Natives, and with money in short supply for artists, having multiple backgrounds is the way to fund yourself, and as Icon states, “…you gotta grind..”

It goes without saying that Icon is destined for greatness, so I asked, “After everything was said and done, and you can look back on your career and feel accomplished, what word would you want to be used to describe yourself?” And as quickly as I asked, he answered, “Under Rated.”

God is underrated.

If you don’t already, follow Icon on all social media platforms @IconThaGod, and check out UnderRated 2 which features Icon, alongside some very talented local artists.