Speak Your Mind: Sekani

Artist: Sekani Brghtn

    Music has changed so much over the years, but does it still have the same impact as it did in the generations before us? Of course NOT! Born in St.Ann, Jamaica and raised in Portmore, Jamaica, artist like Sekani is proof that Hip Hop is still very alive and relevant. Sekani makes the type of music that gives you something to relate to but it can also stimulate your mental. 

       We asked the rising artist to inform us on how his childhood has influenced his passion for music, and he stated the following: 

      "As a child, growing up I witnessed all of the different sides that life had to offer, the good and the bad. It all played an essential role in my passion for music but I would not realize this until my teenage years. High school was the main factor that officially awakened the inner passion for music, I would skip classes with my brother and his friends just to write."

     The passion drives the hunger, the music is survival and the form of an intelligent movement based off of the relationship that an artist has with their surroundings. When all you can think about is creating, we tend to be more persistent in building connections with like minded individuals.


Sekani was also asked what his largest challenge was as a growing artist and he gave the most honest answer possible:  

     "My largest challenge would have to be finding the optimal individuals to work with towards furthering my craft to the level I know it can be."

       The art scene has a very supportive group of individuals and there is always an event to attend. With Open Mic and shows a few times a week it seems like things could get a little costly for any artist. Not to mention studio sessions, traveling back and forth, promo and advertising, etc. We were interested in how Sekani manages to fund his dreams and the response was: 

     "Terribly I might add, it's hard funding a craft with little to no money at times. Friends play a large role into helping me fund my dreams to be honest. Luckily, I've met friends whose dreams actually run linear to mine so we help each other out where we can."  

     Friends can play a major role in an artists growth and so can the support of a significant other. Some say that it's a little difficult to date an artist because at times their spouse tends to feel like they're second best. So Sekani was asked if there was anyone special in his life and if so, how does he manage love and business?

 "I actually do have someone and she's one of the main driving factors that helps me towards my goal, a pillar I might add. It's kind of difficult to balance the two, in senses where I might tend to drift away when dealing with one or the other but at the end of the day we both know where we stand in the boat. She's at most times at all my events supporting in the crowd so I'd say managing can be both difficult and easy as long as there is common ground." 

     There's something very unique about Sekani and we are looking forward to hearing more from this artist. While some of his latest tracks can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube, Sekani is currently working on not one, but three different projects! The first project to be released is titled "Fragmented", with another project in the works, he will also be announcing the initial release of his first LP! 

Website: http://sincerelysekani.com

Music Links: https://soundcloud.com/sekaneye

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mCjvMbqErHc (compilation of performances)

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/sekaneye/