Faith, Ambition & Film His Life Changer "The MICHAEL FOSTER Experience"

Filmmaker Michael Foster  “The Michael Foster Experience”  Urban Freedom Magazine Photoshoot

Filmmaker Michael Foster “The Michael Foster Experience” Urban Freedom Magazine Photoshoot

The film-maker whose mother had him at the age of 15 began his entrepreneurship journey from college sighting music as his first love. Michael was faced with lots of challenges while in college and decided to take charge of his own life and dreams


The renowned actor, filmmaker & fashion writer, whose mother is going for her masters currently, described his hardest battle as learning. He went along his life alone trying to make progress and revealed that having to handle all things himself brought about his current drive to rely on self even when accepting support from others.

His quest to fund himself was a total victory, having worked full time with an insurance company and as a bathroom attendant during weekends; Michael made more money as a bathroom attendant despite peer pressure.

The popular film-maker revealed how different brands asked him to be an influencer so that their brands can be implemented into his blogs since he had cultivated a social media and blogging presence, describing it as a point of meeting with his blessing. So much so his goal he imagined two years ago was to take his brand to the next level being a part of GQ Magazine. I was sincerely excited for him when he revealed he accomplished his goal before at the closing of 2016! Along with building further fashion and business opportunities with his circle of entrepreneurial friends called the “Inner Elite”.

Michael Foster “The Michael Foster Experience”

When questioned about how he manages his business and family, he revealed that his mentor taught him how to balance both business and love before his marriage.

He continued by appraising the fact that he married his best friend, whom he knew since he was 13. Michael further revealed how supportive she is, which ultimately clears the air on any option of choosing between love and business.

The film-maker who sees clear communication of schedule and making important dates as a priority as his strength of balance, says it takes a lot of work.

The actor while giving advice to other entrepreneurs warns that:

Losing the reason for following one’s dream can cause discouragement”

Thereby encouraging us to remain creative; and to always keep going irrespective of trying moments that may test one’s faith. The fashion writer tells fans to anticipate what will be a permanent fixture showing Gentlemen’s styling with Urban Freedom magazine in the year 2017. Also he will be releasing his new movie which will show actual depictions of his life. Along with all his new adventures GQ Magazine that we will be following as well!


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Michael Foster “The Michael Foster Experience”