Independent Music artists keeping your mind woke & eardrums lit!


By: Shade Bowman

Detonator    @detonator.ig   Long Island, NY  Independent Artist/ Owner of “DayDreamers” Fashion Line



Long Island, NY

Independent Artist/ Owner of “DayDreamers” Fashion Line

A hip-hop artist out of Long Island, NY with witty wordplay and a vivid lyrical imagery that represents the 9-to-5'ers who won't settle for the corporate shackles but instead choose to pursue their life's passions. "I'm the voice of that dreamer stuck at some dead-end day job who vows every day not to lose hope in his daydream."

Over the past year, his tour lit up both coasts, touching NYC, Philly, DC, Baltimore, Boston, and LA. Detonator movement includes relatable, yet club-bangable music, a super trendy fashion line called "DayDreamrs," and unique outside-of-the-box events like speed dating (for dreamers) and sip-n-paints (with actual mixology lessons!).

“Don’t quit your daydream”


Benniharding    @benniharding   Trenton, NJ  Recording & Visual Artist



Trenton, NJ

Recording & Visual Artist

Benni's art is inspired by her life and the things she's felt. Her goal is to create art that makes her viewers and listeners FEEL her. She recently curated a film she called "Drained" that will be releasing the February 2018. Going through hardships most wouldn't imagine from such a woman Benni has forged through in music by a humble nature, honesty and using multiple vessels of entrepreneurship.


BlaqueStone    @Blaquestone_   Washington D.C Metropolitan area  BlaqueStone |Artist|Performance Arts|



Washington D.C Metropolitan area

BlaqueStone |Artist|Performance Arts|

BlaqueStone LLP located in Maryland/ Washington D.C Metropolitan area.  A music couple with an amazing band! With a mission to spread love, light, and truth through the arts. "As African Americans and humans period, we all have a story to tell, and with our love, community and personal lenses of life and continued lessons, this is our outlet. "

One of their biggest accomplishments arose out of New York City and being interviewed on Revolt TV. Another moment was partnering on an event with the Smithsonian Museum in Anacostia Washington D.C. Finding creative ways for kids to express themselves through music and lyrics.

What led to their brand flourishing was them being unapologetic about being black, showing true authenticity in what love is and a message that is so relatable to many, is truly what made and makes us prosper. As the world inspires them to stay true, learn/teach balance, and spark love in others, it’s positively contagious!

Mobish.Young  @mobish.young  Washington, DC  Mob Ish Records, LLC: Founder/CEO/and Artist



Washington, DC

Mob Ish Records, LLC: Founder/CEO/and Artist

My mission is to put my myself in a position to Grant the most opportunity as possible for others. Coming from doing 13 years in prison to having a marathon run in Music. A true testament that trials can lead to triumph, literally. Keep an eye on Mobish all 2018. He is an artist that moves at a fast and deliberate pace.

Quinton Randall aka Mr. Baltimore Blues    @Baltimoreblues_   Baltimore, MD  Independent Artist

Quinton Randall aka Mr. Baltimore Blues


Baltimore, MD

Independent Artist

Quinton Randall, a full time multi genre musician. A composer, film scorer, teacher and singer-songwriter.

Armed with a mission to lead by example as an entrepreneur in many fields providing a sense of hope, and clarity. Still growing as an artist Quinton understands the purpose of having a gift is first to serve your community, second to provide knowledge and last comes self.

Life.of.Shalane    @lifeofshalane   Riverside, Ca  Independent Music Artist



Riverside, Ca

Independent Music Artist

Growing up in Southern California, in a small city called Pomona. Shalane began writing poetry when and later on in life, her love for words unfolded into a passion for Music.

A powerhouse to be reckoned with,  releasing two full albums in the last 10 months and her music broadcasted live on public radio (102.3 KJLH Radio based in Los Angeles, CA).

Keeping in mind that music connects all, her music can be found on all streaming sites with new music dropping in 2018.



Asia Karin


Baltimore, Md

Singer/ Songwriter: Asia Karin aka “Miss Singing With a Rapping Flow”

“Miss Singing With a Rapping Flow”. Not just a young woman with talent but a mission to save her family. Most artists are in search of lavish living, materials etc, however, this woman is here to save the community and her family.

Growing up with so much pain and anger brought her closer to music as a pain reliever. Taking advantage of opportunity even at the physical risk of singing on the streets of Baltimore, MD as a woman. Asia is a true lesson of learning to use what you have while staying focused on breaking generational chains.


Baltimore, MD

TNB Greenbackz Independent Artist: Singer/ Songwriter

Growing up in the church, she soon found her voice in between those faith-filled walls. It was in the church choir that Ebonyy really focused on her vocals. Which helped to prepare her for what was to come. She didn’t know when but waited until the time was right. Now is that time.

Not only an artist Ebonyy is a great songwriter honing in on her skills as a poet. At a young age, Ebonyy has experienced life that has taken her through all forms of positive and negative experiences. No matter what the situation she has a silent strength that comes out in words of diversity that every songwriter wishes they could do. Stay Tuned for Ebonyy 2018!




Baltimore, MD

On Point Event Management (owner/operator)/ HigherGround Music

A hip-hop artist, model, and also owner and operator of my own event planning, management, and promotions company, called On Point Event Management, based out of Baltimore as well.

Dre Thompson as an artist/model, his mission is to be able to sustain life and recreational endeavors solely from his art. As an event planner, Dre's mission is to be able to provide a one of a kind experience at any event we have "stamped" from small parties to as large as festivals.

Gudda Cal


Baltimore, MD

Independent Artist

Gudda Cal and his music campaign name  From The Gutta ( FDG ).  Appropriately and humbly titled to describe his upbringing in the rough streets of Baltimore. Cal is determined to allow the truth of his music to elevate him instead of facades as most do in the music industry.  His Ep is called 60sec Killing Spree drops on January 1st  on spinrilla so stay tuned!  With a past of struggling what has propelled him to where he is now would have to be his work ethic, practice, and patience.


Infamous Taz


Bay Area, California

Independent Artist/ J.C.O.E Entertainment

The leader of the Bay Area-based rap group and aspiring independent label known as J.C.O.E. Entertainment.

His mission overall is to use my music as a platform to spread unity amongst my community and globally, as well as a platform to guide listeners that have been through the same hardships and life situations.

As an artist, Taz has released multiple songs and videos and have been featured, as a poet he has spoken for schools and local events within the community. As an actor, performed at the California Theatre in Pittsburg, CA, the King Center in Denver, CO, and the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. He began to freestyle on social media over well-known instrumentals every Tuesday and tagged it as “#TazForceTuesday” to gain more attention while continuing to release his own music and music with his group...which was a success.




Baltimore, MD

Pandemonium Music Group/ Co-Founder/Artist

Independent Artist from the west side of Baltimore City. The name Barz came from a past of always being incarcerated given to him by close family and friends. Reversing the name to showcase his talent in writing songs and pursued music. With a background so rough his persistence is the driving force in his music.

Be sure to check out his Newest Video “Paid in Full” on Youtube now. Mixtape coming late winter of 2018.