Photographer & Model Deveja Webb: A vision that goes beyond the Lens.

"Freedom Gallery" feature: Deveja Webb

A vision that goes beyond the Lens.

By: Mercedez McIntyre

Deveja Webb

Handsome, humble & a sense of fashion that gives a fresh breath of nostalgia. The best way I can describe Deveja Webb. From Little Rock, Arkansas and raised in Dallas, TX by his grandparents and 5 generations of women who showed him how to pay attention to detail and expression through art.

When you take a look at this gentleman you think he is the model when in reality prefers to be the spotlight instead of in it. It is hard to believe there was a time Deveja felt he was not photogenic and struggled with self-esteem.

Deveja Webb

Yes, he is a gifted photographer who walks it like he captures it. Mr. Webb is no shallow man but in fact, everything one can admire about him has come from a twist and turn in life that he used to grow himself further. For example, his great sense of fashion was bestowed upon him by his grandfather. He found out due to having to be raised by his grandparents. Unconventional, yet something many in our generation can relate to…

Deveja Webb