Fashion Brands with A Message!

Fashion Brands with A Message!

Brand: Rejected SocietyX3

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Founders Swadeya Starling, Tamara Todd, Shimese Coleman


Location: New Jersey

Rejected SocietyX3

RSX3 is a three-way partnership made up of Swadeya Starling, Tamara Todd and Shimese Coleman, three young androgynous females, to which whom or who have been a part of the LGBT community for over ten years. RSX3 was unsatisfied with the negativity, lack of education, and support from society including the lack of support from members of the LGBT community. This inspired RSX3 to want to make positive changes in sharing, educating, and supporting the LGBT community. RSX3 came to the conclusion, in order to communicate to each part of the community they would have to make a clear understanding of each letter; LGBT, one at a time.  Never forgetting about anyone within society with our new generation of fashion Genderless Clothing! The Rejected Societyx3 purpose is not to alter anyone's feelings. We are here to educate the eager, inspire the dreamers, motivate the believers, & support & recognize the Go-Getters & that goes for anybody in the world, not just the LGBT community.


S.uccessful Y.oung R.ebels U.tilizing S.kills


Syrus Klothing has been created hope to spread their message that you can do anything you believe in as long as you are consistent, passionate and utilizing everything you know. Assisting a generation to understand it's not about the money because that will come; If you apply yourself to see what is right in front of you with value. It's about utilizing the skill you were given or adopted. If you really study, spend your free time learning, getting out engaging with the people and building relationships you can be successful which would make you S.Y.R.U.S (Successful Young Rebel Utilizing Skills)!


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