"WHOSE YOUR LANDLORD?" Ofo Ezeugwu: Protecting Renters with the App we have been waiting for!

"Whose Your Landlord?"

Ofo Ezeugwu: The Man that will ensure you can finally answer that question beyond a name

By Mercedez McIntyre

It's winter of 2011 in Baltimore, MD. I am a transfer student at Morgan State University. Returning home from an interview to find my heat has been turned off. Like most students, funds are tight and I am renting a room whereas my heating & gas bill is included!  Long story short I found out the man in which I was renting from was actually renting a foreclosed property with the utility bills in the name of previous renters! How could I have avoided renting from someone with such charisma?

How can other renters or students avoid such landmines?

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Ofo Ezeugwu Urban Freedom Magazine Winter 2018

For every answer, we only can hope for solutions. In this case, Ofo Ezeugwu has done just that! He has a solution, which is absolutely needed when it comes to handing over such large sums of money to a landlord. How can you trust who they are? The background process is a one-way street.

I had the pleasure of a great conversation with the Founder of "Whose your Landlord" Ofo Ezeugwu and the choice of words is no accident but of literal context. Check out how this ambitious young man saw a global problem and took an idea into a full-blown movement in social impact and technology.



What was your upbringing like growing up?

Ofo Ezeugwu Founder of Whose Your Landlord

@Ofo Ezeugwu Response:

Both of my parents immigrated to the United States, my Dad came from Nigeria, my mom came from Barbados. They met in college in Buffalo, NY. I have 3 other siblings. Growing up my parents enabled me to dream and achieve. I was taught high work ethic and to live a life of moral standards. When I look back on it I thought my parents were strict. As an adult, I see they just held a level of standards for me that they knew I needed at a young age. I apply everything they taught me and I am grateful for them.


How did you come up with the name "Whose your landlord"? & What it is it, for our readers who are unaware.

@Ofo Ezeugwu Response:

My senior year at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, I was Vice President of the student body. One of the biggest issues students had in Philadelphia was housing. With the rise of gentrification, housing became harder. This really resonated with the students.

The word "whose" was chosen as using the word as ownership. Exactly who are you renting from?  The power dynamic is very one-sided. The name is called "Land LORD".

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