Rihanna ‘Million-Dollar” Fenty: Beauty meets Business

Rihanna ‘Million-Dollar” Fenty: Beauty meets Business

 By: Rasheedah Merritt


Being of mixed race, if anyone understands cultural divides and a desperate need for diversity, it's Rihanna. Born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Rihanna spent parts of her life in Barbados and parts in the U.S. Everything Rihanna has seen and experienced has given her a deep connection to world culture and has inspired her to bring her vision to existence.

Rihanna Fenty Beauty at Sephora Launch

"I have wanted to do a line for years but needed it to be credible; something that industry pros and girls around the world would respect," says Rihanna.


On September 8th, 2017, at the age of 29, Rihanna launched Fenty beauty. She released a whopping 40 foundation shades. Make-up lovers over the world flocked to the internet and retailers.

In its first month, Fenty Beauty brought in 72 million dollars, applying pressure to brands who have been in business for decades. "I don't feel like I have to buy something five shades lighter or mix two shades to get my shade. I'm honored that I'm recognized in this beauty line!" Says Viola Davis, triple crown award-winning actress, and producer. She too has broken many barriers and pushed through adversity due to being a dark-skinned woman in the entertainment business.


Poshly Insights states, "Shade matching has historically been a major concern. 60 percent reporting at least some difficulty in finding a foundation that matches their skin." Fenty Beauty has given hope to many women who just want to feel beautiful and included. Ironically, the darkest shades sold out first.

Rihanna Fenty Beauty

Rihanna has brought attention to the lack of melinated representation in cosmetics. Stirring up a bit of controversy. Beauty brands that have been around for years are just now starting to expand to please women of color. We do not fit the standard of light, medium, and dark. Sorry, not sorry. Why aren't we included from the beginning? Why is dark not standard but light is. Bringing awareness to the fact that so many women have been waiting for the day that someone would see the void and fill it, Fenty Beauty has given women the ability to step outside and live in color, your color.


Rihanna and Fenty Beauty is changing lives. If you have a dream pursue it, you just may outdo Rihanna and make 73 million in your first month!!

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