Facebook Discrimination-No, It's not your Imagination

Research studies have shown that Facebook deliberately has settings to remove or restrict content views based on Demographics of who is posting. So let us call this "Reverse Urban Freedom". Upon recent review via reports & full receipts by ProPublica Facebook censorship guidelines are geared to do minimal in protecting minorities and those protesting racism. The root of the problem comes from the rules Facebook created to censor users. Their guidelines are to prevent nudity, violence and hate speech.


Can you spot the problem here? The first two are clear; if someone posts a nudity or violence Facebook removes it. Now the next question, who dictates hate speech? In my eyes hate speech can be from an angry driver at a red light to the very speech content given by our current president. So now what? Facebook created a list of "protected categories". To help the censorship team Facebook created a training program that includes a quiz to test censorship comprehension of their employees.


Let's Play Can you pass the Facebook Censorship Training Below:

Photo Credit_ ProPublica

Photo Credit_ ProPublica


So how can Facebook get away with this? Quite simple now that we live in the land of verbal gray area. The United States protects the marginalized via affirmative action. However, this is where things get gray...Facebook refuses to accept nor acknowledge the existence of marginalization. With this perspective, Facebook says its goal is to not protect one person over another.


In retrospect, this seems to be a great plan. The problem is what happens when a Black Man is gunned down & users want to vent, share or release? They are now in censorship violation. In the home of our city, University of Maryland professor Danielle Citron states colorblindness is not protection but the lack thereof when it comes to people who need it most.


How is it possible that someone can create hate speech on Facebook promoting gun violence or race bans but someone who speaks against it is now performing hate speech? Facebook says all systems have their faults including them but it's just the hit we have to sometimes take. I would say this is the best passive-aggressive answer for a billion dollar company with more control than it is willing to publicly admit.


Now, do we see the importance of Black-Owned Media? The purpose of our own media streams is not to segregate but to create platforms where support & standing up for wrong isn't considered "Hate Speech" but a movement for change.