Poets Cove: Tre' Vont Bowman "Love Cycle/Pt. 1"

"Love Cycle/Pt. 1"

Know how to reopen your heart before you close it.
Closed hearts just counter the love no matter how potent.
In a relationship, you can say whatever you want just make sure you show it.
It's some good women out here but some men just had to blow it.
Discombobulated inside so love I don't know it.
Can't worry about love no more, can't lose my focus.
Everything seems like a hoax without the pocus.
You're connecting to everything I am saying so you already know this.
Real love you can feel in thee air with no fear.
If you get hurt too much then your feelings disappear.
Tried to heal a broken heart but it just keep getting tears.
Now, it's dripping blood and you're filled with hell of fears.
Now you're so confused, looking for love everywhere.
You survived the love cycle and wish somebody would dare.

(Tre' Vont Bowman)