Poets Cove: "Wake up black" By: Michelle Reed

By: Michelle Reed


Alton and Philando That's just the names of some down I could write up a list But it will take me some while There's Too many to run down No justice for those that have been unjustly gunned down This is a game to the badge That's virally having fun now Devoted to the systems traditional supremacy And we are forced to run bow Because they can pull over our car Beat us to the ground All because of what the system allows... Because we ain't put that cigarette out Do y'all remember Sandra Bland now And example of how They can tell us to stand down After we've already been harassed, tazed, or slammed down Hands cuffed behind our backs screaming "stop resisting and put your hands down" This country cares more about the death of a monkey Then a black man down Understand now that we need a plan now 1st let's not just protest in these streets It's all noble and good But we need more than free speech We need committees that put pressure on Officials each week More punishment for harassment and for the blood on concrete Because their unity peaks and we need take down the strength in the freedom of weak police Don't let us and defeat meet My people stand up And wake this country from deep sleep