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Introducing Women’s Fashion Stylist:

Parker Jai

Hello to all my fashion lovers, my name is Jewel but most call me Jai. I want to take the time out to introduce myself for those who may not know me and aren’t familiar with my brand. I am the founder and owner of “ ParkerJai”. I am a freelance wardrobe stylist, fashion consultant, blogger and creative. When it comes to personal style and individuality, I am all for self-expression I am a firm believer of no rules when it comes to fashion. Fashion has to reflect who you are and not who you're trying to emulate. But enough about me, let's talk fashion!


Parker Jai of www.ParkerJai.com

Parker Jai of www.ParkerJai.com

Women’s Spring Fashion Parker Jai of www.ParkerJai.com

So what’s trending for spring 2017 might you ask? I’m glad that you did because this year you want to dive into your linens, ruffled dresses, beautiful tropical printed garments and accessories. Especially for my brown beauties, because of the melanin in our skin almost anything goes. You can start incorporating your gold’s, tans, khakis and assimilating your pops of color into your wardrobe to stay true to the spring season. You will see a lot of satin baseball-caps, cute little oval-shaped bags, tons of fun and flirty garments with attached tassels. Tassels on your bathing suits, tassels on your shoes, tassels on your tops. Here, there...tassel tassels everywhere! Also, the killer trend for this spring and summer is the untimely floral print.

Women’s Spring Fashion- Floral Parker Jai of www.ParkerJai.com

If you have noticed, they have floral print jackets, corsets, dresses, shoes anything you can think of with an array of floral designs almost everywhere. There are so many ways you can dress up the floral print. Fashion revolves around trends but the idea when you are trying to be on-trend is to always remain yourself.  Please don’t try and imitate or make attempts to be like the next person because we are all made different for a reason. Here are some looks for my simple girls and my lovelies who like to turn it up a notch!