Melanin Season Mind, Body, & Soul Preparation

By: Melanin Reigns


What are you going to do when everything changes and nothing is what you thought it was?

Are you going to answer the call to embrace your authentic spirit or are you going to refuse your God self? 

Either way, the choice is yours. 

We must shift our minds from placing blame on others for the problems we face, to seeing every situation as a positive addition to our journey. 

Everyone you meet is a checkpoint for your personal evolution and the expansion of collective consciousness. 

When your mind is conflicted it influences an illusionary detachment from the spiritual body because you are sending signals that you do not trust yourself. 

Everything is a programming.

From the food you eat, to the things you hear, see, smell etc. 

How you nourish your body reflects a level of self respect and value. 

Eating foods that assist your enzymes in efficiency is vital to a healthy lifestyle and longevity. 

You can be versatile in your diet by remembering to balance your wants with your needs. 

Credit- Distinct Eye Photography

Credit- Distinct Eye Photography

What nutrients are you lacking, how can you supply them before they become a physical issue? 

We must be mindful that we are to eat to live, not live to eat in order to keep our physical being in optimum shape to thrive. 

"Pack light"


What drives you? 

The evolution of spirit requires us to do more than just survive. We've embarked upon an innovative phase of the human experience that allows us to transform and thrive at a rapid rate. The fuel behind your spirits evolution is your passion. Whatever gift you hold is imperative to inner achievement of your light also known as "Christ consciousness". It is time you shed the skin of what society told you, you should be in order to fully embrace who you are.  Do not be afraid of failure, all negative energies (ego, doubt, insecurities, fear etc.) are designed to keep you boxed in. Realize your full potential and honor your soul's calling. Refrain from denying yourself the true freedom you deserve. 

Let your mind protect your heart on the journey, but do not let mental afflictions stand in your way. 

Dig deep to find those childhood scars that plague you, find them and release them from healing. Analyze where you draw your strength from and amplify your connection to source. 

Stand in your power in order to receive abundance. Allow your holy trinity (mind, body and soul) to align divinely so the ascension process is effortless. 


It is time to do away with animalistic and impulsive behaviors. Discipline yourself to always do what adheres to your highest good. Trust your intuition and be mindful that you have the power to access 100,000 plus years of collective consciousness in order to transmute it into current elevation. Anything passed down through our DNA must be activated.  

Ask yourself "what is my purpose in life and am I ready to evolve in it?" 

We are always responding to vibrations, utilizing the positive vibes are easy but do you know how to transmute the negative ones?