GQ for Cancer: Bernard Fogg “The Fight for His Life turned into the Foundation of his Business”

By: Mercedez McIntyre

GQ for Cancer Bernard Fogg

As I sat across from Bernar Fog at my dining room table I was instantly able to recognize an amazing amount of peace n joy. Inquisitive about the man that can battle what most people fear yet with an air of humble confidence. The GQ for Cancer Founder, Bernard Fogg is extremely thankful for staying on top of his health saying it has motivated him to continue to do so, as well as motivate other men in the process. Bernard who was officially diagnosed with cancer on December 5, 2014 having visited four different specialists was officially diagnosed cancer free as of July 13th, 2015. Born in Baltimore, MD, Bernard enjoyed a glistering career in public relations as he prepared to start his own personal PR before the inception of the ailment that changed the course of his life.

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The 29 year old who has a go-getter mentality believes that life and opportunities are endless having gone through the process of treatment which enabled him learn a lot about himself as a man. Bernard describes masculinity not just on the basis of strength but seeking to be healthy so as to be there for one’s family.

The ability to maintain a positive attitude towards issues played a key role to Bernard staying on top of his health having drawn strength from his mother; his role model whose encouraging words to always think first before getting emotional cannot be overemphasized. The music lover main goal is his inner peace which his life truly relies on it and he feels so good on the experience gained to combat every other battle life may throw at him. He founded The Gentlemen’s Quest for Cancer to address the impact of men under the age of 40 also fighting for better health with cancer and other major health issues that could possibly be prevented.   

Bernard’s treatment served as a learning class for him in putting the care of oneself as a priority which is rare to find in young entrepreneurs today.

The support he get, the huge cut of processed foods and the amazing love showered on him tells how close Bernard Fogg is in closing his cancer chapter in 2017.

Upon probing if the handsome young entrepreneur was a Bachelor or not he has confirmed he is by choice. Being a true example of his foundation Bernard stated before he would add romantic engagement to his life he stands by his purpose of taking care of one's health first.

Our interview easily went into 3 hours. Sincere exchange of honesty and life's triumphs connected us automatically. There is so much more to this amazing Black man that we will be following his journey in Urban Freedom issues to come. So stay tuned and be sure to support him with the contact information below. 


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