The Green Ambassador- Cathy Allen Environmental Specialist

By:  Cathy Allen

My name is Cathy Allen; I am Maryland’s top urban environmentalist.  I am known as The Green Ambassador. Welcome to my featured environmental column with Urban Freedom Magazine.

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As an environmentalist, my works to give to honor to the living breathing organic being that we call Earth.  While giving Earth her honor through environmental education and implementation I touch people along the way to get them active and become stakeholders in preserving, sustaining and protecting the very being that gives all living organic beings’ life.

When interviewing to become a columnist for Urban Freedom Magazine with publisher and visionary Mercedez McIntyre.  I asked, who are your readers? She described a beautiful picture of creative, youthful, vibrant, intelligent, knowledge, forward-thinking, involved, and fearless individuals.  Instantly, I knew the readers of Urban Freedom Magazine are the people that the universe seeks to bring forth balance, compassion, passion and strength for the environmental movement.

In this column, I will spotlight current environmental issues, provide information for you to get active, create social environmental gatherings for us to get our hands dirty in the soil together and along way share what I call ‘green goodness’ for you to prosper in body, mind and soul…naturally.

Currently in environmental news, we are hearing and seeing tragedies like Flint, Michigan where thousands of urban children and adults were poison through lead water contamination.  Another example, North Dakota, Standing Rock where Sioux Native American Tribe is fighting for clean water, preservation for Earth and their sacred grounds against the government and ‘big oil’ companies.

If you think in the slightness that these tragedies can’t happen in your urban black community, you are surely mistaken.  

As African Americans, it is time for all of us to be stakeholders for the air we breathe, the water that we drink and the foods that we eat.  No longer can we rely on the white-affluent population of environmentalists to speak on environmental issues that are plaguing our urban communities.

With our newly-elected president Donald Trump his message is very clear on the environment.  When interviewed by Chris Wallace from Fox News last month, Trump was asked the question; ‘who’s going to protect the environment?”  Trump's response, “We’ll be fine with the environment….we can leave a little, but you can’t destroy business.” What Trump is saying is, it's’ okay to pollute, destroy and contaminate the environment for big business.  He could care less about the millions of people, animals, and plant life that will be harmed or die for corporate greed.

That should send chills up your spine, because you as an individual ARE THE ENVIRONMENT.  Now is the time for all African Americans and people of color to rise-up against environmental injustices that will surely be our demise, if we set idly and do nothing.  


So, let’s get started!  First order of business, email me at tell me how you want to get environmental involved or visit my website at

Respectfully Green, Cathy Allen-The Green Ambassador