A Singleton Reflection

By Michelle Reed

In 2017, we still evade depth. John Singleton has three movies black men and women everywhere can relate to on levels of love, loss, and trying to achieve greatness. Those movies are over 20 years old.

Canadian Film Centre

Canadian Film Centre

Boyz in the Hood, 1991

One of the many social perspectives of the African American male are his “inabilities.” This film depicts real life perspectives of men wanting better, those who believe there is nothing better, and how they coincide. It even explains how the government supplies their communities with the tools for deterioration.

Poetic Justice, 1993

This film depicts the struggles of loss. Black people beautifully exude creativity in all its forms that is influenced by life. With an all-star cast, this movie shows two people trying to defy stereotypes while letting their guard down to find real love.


Higher learning, 1995

What happens when you combine cultures who have never crossed paths, to one location, with common goal? There is a plethora of disregard and misunderstandings. Some are even easily influenced into racism in attempts to belong.

Singletons perspectives are real and raw. It gave such truth in the 90's that you can return to all of these movies to find something relatable even in 2017. As a creator he was the first African American and the youngest ever to be nominated for “Best Director.” There is education and art in his work.