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A review of J. Cole

“4 yours eyes only”

By: Michelle Reed

4Your eyes Only Front Cover Art.jpg

Even with his success, J. Cole seems to always write from the perspective of a dreamer. He gives relation and hope to those who have yet to accomplish their dreams. He understands the fallacy this country has always taught the black man; success only comes from music, sports, or the streets. J. Cole isn’t afraid to expose hardcore truths, express thoughts on religion, or relationship issues. With great lyrics and an insider perspective, “4 your eyes only” has a heavy dose of real instruments. It is a must listen for those who love hip hop and J. Cole.  

*False Prophets is not on the album but surely should be! False prophets highlights J. Cole's view of his childhood idols who traded their originality for fame. A few speculations have been made that the song refers to Kanye West and/or Wale. Either way we can all learn a few things to apply and observe ourselves!  Check the song out on our website*

4 Your Eyes Only Back Art.jpg