What form of Media are you Helping to Create?

Barack Obama & Denzel Washington -U.S. Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia via VH

Barack Obama & Denzel Washington -U.S. Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia via VH

“Honest news through media has become one of the rarest things in our community” stated by Denzel Washington who is disgusted with how news has transitioned.

 Due to its trending habits on social media, we tend to believe them at first glimpse. He also said, “If you don’t read newspapers or sources that hold precedence for honest news then, you are clearly uninformed because fake news has now become a part of our lives that many tend to believe”.

However, whether newspaper, TV, radio or social media the game is numbers. Now media companies are highly concerned about their ratings and competing with others and least concerned about the legitimate information. If we consider the real picture of this globalized world then, honest media has now become a fantasy. This is while media giants are focused on their profits and less concerned about providing the right, justifiable yet informative news to their audience.

Barack Obama, while addressing the same issue of fake news, stated that fake news and its popularity has the potential of adversely influencing the system of a democratic state because people won’t be able to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake. In the same manner, they will be forced to believe that what these media channels are trying to convey is actually true.

Facebook and other popular social media sites can also be called as the biggest contributor in delivering fake news because people tend to share stuff with their own perceptions while ignoring the big picture and real effects of the news on its readers. In this manner, people are also actively contributing to increasing the popularity of the fake news.

Barack Obama also highlighted the fact that fake news not only places the burden on people but also becomes a direct threat to our economy and democracy. People are currently highly uninformed and inter-linked with each other in the most negative manner.

It would be fair to claim that we all are in an urgent need of honest media. Fake news is ruining the conditions of our community and influencing the mindset of our people.

At Urban Freedom Magazine we have a completely different role and goal. To return honest media to the forefront. Your support is what can change this! The attention of the people is what created this. Regardless of how each person feels. The mainstream media aims at what the people feed into. You feed fear and dishonesty…then that is what is created. Feed sources that make you proud.