Are Alpha-Females Doomed to be Single?

By Melanin Reigns

Absolutely NOT,
I mean after all is there anything actually negative about being single?
We have ourselves, family, close friends, pets and friends with benefits that we can call when we are in need of romantic intimacy; so doomed is certainly an inaccurate word to describe the situation.

However, the truth of the matter is that Alpha females are attracted to Alpha Males but most Alpha Males are attracted to beta females.
Two major problems here, alpha males are about 1 out of every 100 men and that statistic may even be too generous in today's world.
The average man is already outnumbered by women, so the rarity of an alpha male is even more strenuous on the alpha female.
Secondly, the attraction Alpha-females feel for the Alpha-males is often one sided because he seeks Beta-Females.

Why is this?
The Alpha Male's drive is based upon the need to be needed, whereas the A.F's is based upon the need to acquire collective "self sustainability".

Also, Alpha Females appear too masculine to Alpha Males which repels them from seeking a lasting partnership with them apart from consensual sex, or business relations. This is the same energy that attracts beta males to the Alpha Female.

However, what all men should keep in mind is that because masculine energy is outwardly exerted, and feminine energy is about depth.

A single Alpha Female must tap into survival mode, in order to protect herself and she will seem overbearing in her masculine energy when doing so because it is an honored part of her essence that is not glorified or accepted in conformed society.
t's also the reason she is balanced at the head and heart. Make no mistake about it, she is a flourishing and evolving feminine vessel, as well and at her best when her complementary partner can take the weight of protection, production and provision off of her shoulders.

If you look around, most Alpha females are beginning to date other Alpha females because beta males are not sufficient and alpha males simply aren't attracted to them.

So what is an Alpha female anyway?
How does a woman know when she is one, how do you become one?
Working a 9-5, having a car and a house are always a plus but it does not indicate that you are an Alpha-Female.

Models- Entrepreneurs Tracie Washington & Cle Mooring (Urban Freedom Black Wall St Photo shoot)

Models- Entrepreneurs Tracie Washington & Cle Mooring (Urban Freedom Black Wall St Photo shoot)

Three important things define an Alpha Female

  1. Balanced Head & Heart / Masculine & feminine energies

  2. Vision

  3. Drive

Characteristics Alpha Females radiate:
Leader, straightforward about her needs vs wants, balanced in masculine and feminine energies, unconditional lover, master manifester, go getter, goal oriented, divine nurturer, community nourisher etc. 
Her key phrases are:
"I AM" and "I WILL" 

DO NOT confuse Alpha Females with the "I don't need a man" type of women.
They are more so the "I have a vision that I refuse to let go to waste by any means necessary" type.

She is willing to take on masculine energy of her own to put her vision into action because she knows it is vital to her well being and more importantly her community and future lineage.
She knows her strength is in vision so she truly seeks a protector and provider that will ensure it is fulfilled.

Uncovered secrets:
All polygamous and polyamorous relationships of the past were headed by Alpha-Males and Alpha-Females.
Alpha + Alpha relationships can easily turn into competition.
Which is why both parties must divinely know themselves.
It's most likely that these individuals will take on multiple partners at a time, not for sexual conquest or demeaning purposes (unless established out of the ego) but because their energy will take multiple betas to complement it.

It is highly unlikely that two alphas will find it necessary to add other partners to their Union, because both auras emerged become larger than life itself.

To be continued . . .Stay tuned to our next issue.

Notes: Female and Woman were used interchangeably by CHOICE!
A.F= Alpha Female A.M = Alpha Male

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