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50 Cent Is Talking About Leaving 'Power' Because It Wasn't Nominated For a Golden Globe-

At what point does a person transition from being satisfied providing to their people vs. demanding the accolades of those who have never appreciated their culture in the first place. Recently 50 cent stated he would consider leaving the television show power because it wasn’t nominated for a Golden Globe. Taking a look at those who put together the award why would they consider it? How can they relate to it for it to be a consideration? It is one thing to consider boycotting those who segregate however why quit your art?

The frustration felt by the part time rapper and full- time entrepreneur Curtis Jackson is completely understandable. Jackson stated “I understand Power wasn’t meant to be a headline show on Starz, but it was the highest ranked”. This is true and confirmed by the network Starz. With a response from Starz saying “We are grateful for the excellent work being done on ‘Power’ by the producers, cast and crew. We certainly think this exceptional show has been overlooked by various awards committees, but the fans have made it the second most watched show on premium cable in 2016…and those are accolades that mean just as much if not more.”

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Just as well recently Lupe Fiasco has confirmed via twitter he will have no other upcoming albums due to others feeling his lyrics were Anti-Semitic. How much work had already gone into his current tour? He already has dates set, times, ticket sales to end his music by his choice due to a misunderstanding. Think about the support of those attending those concerts. Who have already bought tickets supporting his music and art. How far do we take opinions of others in our society? This is not a problem but an epidemic in the culture we live in from the start up entrepreneurs to those with millions.

Often the goal becomes forgotten but the accolades being the validation entrepreneurs are seeking. If we return back to why we began, how far we have come, and are we affecting our targets then I truly believe we will return to calling our work what it is… “Art” and all art is not for everybody to appreciate but for you to be proud of! I ask all of our entrepreneurs to remember this as we work at it ourselves at Urban Freedom Magazine.