Nipsey Hussle: The merge between business & music that every artist should be able to vision.

Nipsey Hussle:

The merge between business & music that every artist should be able to vision.

By: Shade Bowman


“We brought back the block and that’s how you give back, open businesses and create wealth in your community”

Grand Opening of Nipsey Hussle's "The Marathon Clothing" 

The Marathon Store 3420 W. Slauson Ave Suite F Los Angeles, CA 90043

The Marathon Store 3420 W. Slauson Ave Suite F Los Angeles, CA 90043

Born Ermias Asghedom, Nipsey Hussle’s journey, the one thing that he never did was give up. Although he’s had his ups and downs as an artist and a businessman, he’s never let that get in the way of his dreams or the reality of his success. Living life as a reformed reflection of his environment.

  Throughout the years Nipsey lets us know that the merge between business and music has always been a mindset. As an artist, it’s very important to invest in the ones who gave you a platform. Being labeled as “Real” is a respect thing, often times we use the word real to justify one's actions.

But, Hussle shows us what the definition of what “Real” actually means, “Always execute what you start” is one of the mottos that he lives by. Which is a method he has stuck to, even during a prison sentence right in the middle of creating his brick & mortar store"The Marathon".

Real is when you as an artist or businessman lead by example, it’s when you can walk the walk and back it up with actions...not just all talk. Nipsey lives by the code, give back to your community! Music was one of the ways to get his name heard on a global scale, build a following, and building a foundation that he can stand on was the goal.

Comptons 1st Smart Store

Comptons 1st Smart Store

  Nipsey has made it very clear on what his goal was even back in 2008 when he first took his music seriously. When you see that there’s a need for something in your community, what would you do? Since rap music is one of the only genres that embraces business principles, Nipsey made a wise decision to merge the two. By opening up a business in your community, you show the younger generation that they can do the exact same thing. You start to create jobs, rebuild families, police your own neighborhoods, etc. just by investing in the community.

The Marathon Clothing Los Angeles Flagship Store

The merge between business and music is an investment and in business, when others around you are watching you makes them want to invest. As an entrepreneur that’s a very smart business move, and Nipsey explains how to create wealth in but so little words. If you’re the only one generating wealth around you then you’re surrounding yourself with unmotivated people. It’s about connecting the dots and merging the arts together to build one creative umbrella.

  Make your moves, expand your mind, and support your own. That’s the new wave.

Be Sure to check out the exclusive documentary of ups and downs leading to the creation of "The Marathon" clothing brand. Nipsey Hussle has not only changed his life but that of his family, friends, and even helped those in his neighborhood become clean from drugs and become a member of his growth.

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The Marathon Clothing

3420 W. Slauson Ave #F

Los Angeles, CA 90043