Is leadership created or instinctive?

Is leadership created or instinctive?

By: Melanin Reigns


Let's find out . . .

Leadership takes initiative. A mixture of being fearless, self-assured and unorthodox.

We all specialize in areas, in which it is our birthright to reap the abundance in that field. Our prosperity is not limited to any particular stream. However, it is guaranteed to flow wherever we set focus.

What separates a leader from a follower, is their response to outside opinions of themselves. These opinions can be as simple as a friend speaking negatively about you, or as general as a commercial telling you, you need to buy something to be someone. How you see and affirm yourself determines how prosperous you'll be.

Divine leadership is instinctive. However, political and other forms of leadership are created. All forms of leadership require high levels of authenticity. Regardless of how a leader is viewed, their confidence and ability to persevere is the reason for the position they hold.


Management & Leadership

Trials throughout life have the ability to weigh on self-esteem, if not rectified. Prior to the universal shift to a higher state of awareness, conformity was a hiding place for the majority of us.

Now, as we ascend, we are learning that we all possess the abilities to lead.

This does not always mean leading a large group of people, but we absolutely should lead our own lives.

Here are some tips to evolve in the vibration of leadership:

  • Be confident

Abundance & mastery is your birthright. Do not be afraid of what you can achieve. Stop worrying about who will and will not be made uncomfortable by your success.

  • Commit to your craft

As a leader, you should be constantly creating, in order to become a better version of yourself!


  • Communicate clearly

Speak up!  Why?

To acquire what you need, and get things done.

When you take out time to communicate effectively, you inspire others to feel just as free to manifest their vision through networking & proper delegation.  


  • Listen

Great speakers are superb listeners.

A critical part of communication is listening (with discernment).

Everyone should be considered when carrying out the vision.

This is where self-assurance steps in to guide you.

All advice isn't “good” advice but something positive can be drawn from everything.


  • Find your formula and expand upon it consistently

If it works “don't change it, expand it”. Recreate the elements that have proven to be successful. This may mean acquiring updated resources, investing more money, time, focus etc.


  • Trust your inner voice, what works for others may not work for you.

Trust your spirit, and your ego will not feel threatened.

It is the temporary panic of the body detaching from the spirit that can conjure destructive leadership skills. Ex: Dictatorship


  • Take care of yourself

In order to reach out to others as your best self, you must begin within. Studying yourself keenly will provide vital pivoting points that can assist you in relation to others.

Leadership Created or Instinctive? Urban Freedom Magazine “Freedom 100 List 2018”

Leadership Created or Instinctive? Urban Freedom Magazine “Freedom 100 List 2018”